Meet the Tecks.

smahemtecks – Co-founder of hemtecks

An aspiring medical laboratory technologist, Serena is a strong and hardworking individual who has a strong passion for application-based learning. She loves learning new scientific knowledge that could be applied to the real world. As of 2014, she has obtained a Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. She hopes that the success of hemtecks, can spark a fire in younger generations to engage and learn more about the biotechnology and scientific world to ultimately inspire and motivate critical thinking.

I created Hemtecks because I want to build a community around young adults to engage in sharing their opinions on highly heated scientific topics in today’s world. During this critical period of our lives, many opportunities come and go – which questions our idea of what is right and wrong. I want to provide different scientific discussion outlets for fellow readers to be informed and to be active in changing the world!

– smahemtecks.

rchemtecks – Co-founder

A practicing scientist, Renee hopes to one day become involved in research related to environmental biotechnology, with the ultimate goal of contributing her scientific skills to benefit others. She lives her life with the philosophy that everyday is an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve, and is thus, constantly curious about the world, the universe, and anything in between.  Other than science and technology, her other interests include food (looking at food, eating food, cooking food, and/or anything related), gardening, and sketching. She has (finally) earned her BSc in Honours Life Sciences at McMaster University.

I believe that science heavily influences our global society; Thus, it is important to educate the public about what is happening in the world of science today. Through Hemtecks, I would like to inform our audience about science and/or technology-related news. Specifically, I would like to evoke curiosity and encourage innovation, especially within young minds, so that they may become the innovators/scientists/inventors/professionals/engineers of tomorrow.


Hemtecks. is proud to engage contributors and authors from around the world to share their life experiences and their field of discussion topics:


lrhemtecks – Author
Leena is a current third year Honours Life Sciences student at McMaster University where she is currently pursuing her B.Sc. alongside a minor in business. She has always had a passion for learning about both scientific and business concepts and hopes to pursue a career in the near future that combines the two fields. When she is not learning about the biology of cells or monetary policies, she devotes her time to social justice causes through initiatives with organizations such as Amnesty International. Leena enjoys mentoring younger individuals around her on the importance of exploring the several career options that are open to science students. She hopes to impart her knowledge on science and business career options, academic and other related topics to individuals reading the Hemtecks blog.

Astrohemtecks- Author
Adelle thrives on the manifesto that there are unknown facts to explore through perseverance in every day of research. Adelle has received her B.Sc. in Integrated Science with Biochemistry. Through her studies, she gained a reputation as an adaptive problem solver, an encourager to her peers, and a dedicated worker. She aims to continue exploring, innovating, and inventing at every opportunity that arises, starting by communicating integrative subject matter on the hemtecks blog.

tianhemtecks – Author
Tiffany is passionate about research and medicine. She hopes to become a clinical medical researcher in the future. Throughout her undergraduate degree, Tiffany has gained extensive research in both web lab and clinical medicine. She has 2.5 years of wet lab research in which yielded 3 publications, and 1 year of clinical research experience in which she led a group of undergraduate and medical students. She loves to answer any questions, whether it is research, academic or extra curricular related.