Disclaimer & Policies

Our Hemtecks team would like to share the disclaimers and policies regarding to this website. This blog is to document the experiences (whether positive or negative) of up incoming science professionals.


Hemtecks Website:

We are a non-profit website that is based from Canada. Contents would include Canadian generated material and other materials generated from around the world.

Personal Documentation:

Personal documentation will be shared on this blog  to share some problems faced in today’s society and to share possible solutions. These types of blog is to document the positive and negatives revolving these careers in relation to the current economic situations.

Each member of hemtecks will be responsible for their own blog content.

Science Articles:

Various platforms such as biotechnology, food science or health and medicine are used to share the current trends and knowledge of science innovations. Hemtecks provides the up-most regards in academics and will uphold the standards in providing the most up to date and scholarly articles out there. However, hemtecks will share certain opinions of these articles – but viewers can keep in mind that their different opinions is also highly respected.



Hemtecks loves to read viewer’s comments and highly encourages you to share your experiences or opinions. However, hemtecks does not tolerate offensive and disrespectful comments – if posted, the team will simply delete these posts.

Thank you once again for supporting Hemtecks and our team!