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Hemtecks strives to inform the global readers about diverse topics in science, ranging from science-business ventures to emerging STEM research. At Hemtecks, we believe that while current trends in science research is vital to address, it is also important to provide insight into STEM careers and science education that forms a basis in society.  

That said, you don’t have to be pursuing a science education to enjoy our blog!

Our team is passionate about different fields in science, and we would love to share our passions with you, regardless of your experience or background in science.



Are you interested in learning more about emerging research in biotechnology, medical science, food science, and beyond?  Then you’ll love to read our insights about recent projects to Mars, phelobotomy, cultured meat, and more!



Are you pursuing a science degree/diploma in college/university, or are you a high school student passionate about a science-related education?

In this section, we talk about common phenomena science majors encounter in higher education, from orientation week to gap years. Also, take a look at our Health Talks section to learn more about different health-related issues that people commonly face today.



The variety of STEM careers out there today is vast.

Visit our Careers section to learn more about these diverse careers or to gain insight as to how students can work toward their career aspirations, climbing up the proverbial, career ladder.

At Hemtecks, our team is currently pursuing their own career goals, whether it’s the medical laboratory sciences, medical school, science-business integration, or environmental research. Thus, we’d like to provide our own personal insight to you, in hopes of motivating you to chase your own STEM ambitions!

Please be aware that from time to time, Hemtecks will provide content that reflects the author’s personal opinion. Please refer to our Disclaimer & Policies section for more information about the blog’s content.