About Hemtecks.

Insight into the young lives of future innovators.

Our Hemtecks team is passionate about SCIENCE and hopes to provide insight to motivate young adolescents to engage and learn about the current trends in biotechnology and healthcare.

Majority of young adults are still figuring out and going through different periods of our lives to ‘make it big’. The first step in any career is to build a solid foundation of your own personal morals and knowledge. For young individuals who wants to be contributing members of the scientific community. One must engage as critical thinkers and learn about current discoveries and issues around the world!

The Hemtecks team works hard in sharing our own personal stories, and so researches current interesting scientific debates to motivate learning, to build up your opinions.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.          – Albert Einstein

In short, Hemtecks will:

  • Follow members of hemtecks on their personal journey in starting their career
  • Debunk science myths
  • Explore new trends in biotechnology
  • Provide tips & tricks in every stages of academia
  • Explore various careers within the healthcare field

What’s next? Meet our Hemtecks team !