5 Palliative Care Programs in Canada

Is Palliative Care in Canada fully integrated into the health care system that it allows every end-of-life care patient to receive the comfortable measures to face death? Progress has been made of services available to Canadians, but unfortunately the answer is: No.

Most people would prefer dying at home alongside with close family members, however almost 70% of Canadians die in the hospital.

What is Palliative Care? It is a special type of health care aimed towards at easing pain and suffering for life-limited individuals. The care encompasses: physical care, emotional care, psychological care and spiritual care for the patient and their families.

  • If a patient wants to die at home – then a discharge plan could be set in place with the appropriate care with personal support worker or social worker.
  • If a patient wants to complete their life journey with visits from family and friends at a palliative care home

Who can benefit from Palliative Care (PC)?

  • Elderly Patients (Palliative Care is NOT a nursing home)
  • Stage IV Cancer Patients – termed by the doctor of end-stage cancer
  • Chronic Illness patients close to end-of-life

Here are 5 programs and services for Ontario in regards to Palliative Care Treatment:

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
HomeCare Ontario
905 543-9474

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

Circle of Care: Sinai Health System
(416) 635-2860


The CareGuide: Source for Seniors
416-287-CARE (2273)

1-800-311-CARE (2273)

Serena is an aspiring medical laboratory technologist, who currently holds a B.Sc degree in Biochemistry. She is a hardworking, passionate individual of all things sciences. She is an application person, who loves to connect the knowledge of science into real-life sciences.



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