ATTENTION: SKETCHYMEDICAL – the best learning tool for health professionals.

I just discovered the most amazing learning tool ever, that I have to share all of its glory to you all. Friends, you just have to sign up for SKETCHYMEDICAL.

It provides multiple curriculum of online sketches (or stories) to aid in the learning of varies topics: Microbiology, Antibiotics, Viruses. #SketchyPharm #SketchyMicro


Image obtained from:

I have never seen such detailed and smart memory aids provided in a fun learning video. I went to their FAQ website, and the memory aids they use are concept grouping, where symbols of recurrent hints are integrated into the storyline of the specific bacteria or topic.

No joke, I will be using this for antibiotics lessons as I have always have trouble with these.

Sign- up is free on their website, there is an option to input your school name – mostly American institutions (I’m not sure if this is allows them free access to all curriculum). Canadian friends, don’t worry I skipped that part and was still able to sign up. I was then directed to the courses, and there is limited access for all courses; where you can pay to upgrade to view all of the courses. 6 months for $169.

I personally feel that the founders of SketchyMedical have done an excellent job for us new upcoming health care professionals, as its hard to just remember all the details and this makes it easy. I just finished my microbiology rotation for Medical Laboratory Sciences, and I was on the gastrointestinal and urine bench. My gosh, I forgot all the biochemical reactions of which bacteria is urease positive, who produces H2S, which in common are all indole positive. SketchyMicro is what I  need. 

Watch some of their videos on their Youtube Channel to see if you like this learning aid:

Support them and learn more about them here:
Twitter: @SketchyMicro

DISCLAIMER: hemtecks is not affiliated or sponsored  by SketchyMicro. Just a science nerd geeking out on this new learning aid, and wanted to share with you all.



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