Simple ‘Hacks’ to Organize Thyself

Say hello to September and wave goodbye to another hot, relaxing Summer!

Whether you’re going back to school or returning to work after a relaxing vacation, we’re always finding ways to make more time for projects, deadlines, or even one moment to ourselves.

Too many papers to juggle? Too many deadlines to remember? Is your inbox flooded with e-mails from different people? The team here at Hemtecks understand far too well about a jam-packed, hectic cram week and the perils of maintaining some sort of work-life balance.

Here are some tips that you may find useful the next time you’re trying new ways to organize yourself (we even put it in a nifty little presentation to save you some time…how do you like them apples?)!

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Did you like our presentation? If you feel inspired by our list, feel free to download our project-to-do list or simple crockpot recipe!

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Renee has received her B.Sc. in Honours Life Sciences at McMaster University. She loves educating others about different topics in science, and has developed a passion for scientific outreach. When she’s not writing articles for Hemtecks, she’s either volunteering or checking her social media accounts every 20 minutes. Along with Tiffany (Tianhemtecks), she also facilitates the blog’s Facebook page. 


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