Q&A Pan Am Physical Therapist

The Pan American Games have been a huge success in Ontario! McMaster University was one of the accommodation sites for football (aka soccer). The university offered various excellent services – one of which was of course their rehabilitation science and physical therapy programs. An Q&A article conducted by Gemma Bayaborda explores the career of a physical therapist.

What is physical therapy?

I would describe physical therapy as a profession that has a deep understanding of human anatomy and how all the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons act together to produce movement and can ultimately contribute to injury. We are able to utilize hands on techniques, modalities and prescribe stretches and exercises to help heal from an injury, return to activity and prevent a reoccurrence of injury.

– See more at: http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/q-and-a-with-pan-am-physical-therapist-dianna-moulden/#sthash.rUWMmTeV.dpuf

Disclaimer: all content was created and is credited to the writer, Gemma Bayaborda, hemtecks shares science-related careers and does not profit or take claim of this article.

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