Summer before College: What did you do?

As high school graduation is right around the corner, many fresh graduates are planning their pressure-free summer. With so many options ahead, many may have dilemma between a summer job or vacation. Here is a blog that would help you in deciding your summer plan. iStock_Off-to-College-Van-300x300-1368214476

  1. Financial budget.

Before looking into the pros and cons, let’s first be realistic. Even if you want a nice break to take your mind away from school, you may not be financial able to support such trip. Thus, one should first plan out the expenses for your college/university and see how much you have for trips. Of course, we, as students, are not well off. So asking your parents as a resort is always a great resort 🙂

  1. Value of the summer job.

After knowing travelling is feasible, you may face the decision between a summer job and enjoying a great long break. This is when you have to decide which worth more you. For example, one of my friend was selected as a summer research assistant in one of the world’s most prestigious schools. At the same time, she also could travel to Europe for a month. Given both choices are very attractive, she weighted out the pros and cons and chose to work in the summer as the job is very hard to obtain as a high school student as university students find it hard to get. Thus, she decided to delay her Europe trip and selected her once-in-a-life time opportunity. After recently talking to her, she said she does not regret her decision as that job opened up many more opportunities during her undergrad career and helped her to land her dream job in the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. Thus, definitely rethink if the job/opportunity is very valuable to you.

  1. Try to combine the two.

Although a job may not be as fun as a vacation, you can always find a resolution by having both at the same time. For example, you can search up for oversea job opportunities, where you can make money and explore the country simultaneously. There are many international opportunities and you just need a bit of research to find them. If that’s not the case, you can have a shorter break. Have vacation for a week instead of a month, this way you make money and enjoy your relaxing moment. You can always balance the two. On a personal note, I did take a long vacation (1.5 month) because I had been working non-stop for two years prior. Thus with all the school stress and work tiredness, I decided to recharge myself for the upcoming life event and I would say it was a decision I do not regret. Given all the above, I would to empathize there is right or wrong answer. Don’t let others’ answers affect your decision, you know what you need the most. If you need time off, take them off. If you really need financial support, work on them. At the end of the day, it all depends on what YOU need and YOUR judgments. I hope these tips will help you planning your summer and post any question below and I am more than happy to answer them!


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