I survived another term of professional Medical ‘Lab’ School!

By smahemtecks


For new viewers to hemtecks, I am currently using this as a platform to share my journey of being a fresh B.Sc undergraduate to a career driven healthcare professional. I have just finished my term of YEAR 1 of Medical Laboratory Sciences to soon become a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

Breakdown of Term 2:
Clinical Instrumentation
Special Topics – Molecular Diagnostics & Immunology
Interprofessional Collaboration

Summary of Term 2:
Two words can sum up this term for me: INDEPENDENCE & APPLICATION. This term has been a complete 180 compared to last term. I briefly mentioned in my last blog post that the learning environment in a professional school has been more application-based. I still agree with this ideal – because this term has been all about application & problem-based learning.

The concept and theory of these courses has not been difficult but the vast amount of knowledge needed to be memorized and then soon applied towards your situational learning has been really tough for me. It takes some time for small minute facts and details to stick into my brain and so there has been many trial and error learning – which I do love because this is how I learn best!

Some of you might ask – How are your grades? Are they in the 90%? I can not avoid these questions because it is just engraved in our society that marks are an indicator of how well you understand materials (& those who know me will know I have a different opinion on that). It is apparent that my marks are not as strong as term 1, whereas other colleagues of mine have greatly improved their marks. However, I have learned the process of real-life experiences such as getting a specimen collection in the ‘hospital’ and the steps to obtains results and the proper steps in reporting. It sounds straight forward but the process of the ‘steps to obtain these results’ requires a lot of critical thinking and techniques (use of proper identification techniques for microorganisms, use of technical machines and its maintenance, look at diagnostic red blood cells etc).

What have I learned in regards to my Professional Development?
I now see myself expanding my vocabulary and using my knowledge to educate my peers in the health care professional’s perspective, instead of a B.Sc Biochemistry Undergraduate. The conversations that I engage in are more mature and beyond of what is right or wrong. I also have been gaining more knowledge and seek out new healthcare innovations within in my field – that adds to the discussion with others. I also have other friends that are pursuing other healthcare careers (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses) that adds to the different perspectives of healthcare and aids in interprofessionalism. When the news releases information of the antibiotic resistance, Shigella outbreaks or the rise of measles cases – I actually understand these current issues because this is what med labs deal with on a day to day basis.

As you can tell, your ‘professional profile’ is very important in your career, I have written a blog previously to help young professionals work towards that development – click here to check that post out!

I hope you all enjoyed my summary of ending my first year as a medical laboratory science student. If you are interested in sharing your experiences – please feel free to comment below!


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