Go-to-Guide: Which University/College Should I Attend?


March – April is the time where university or college acceptance letters arrive. High school students go through a roller coaster of emotions: anxiety, fear, excitement and joy. Now here is the tough part: Which University/College should I accept?

I certainly had a tough time picking which university to attend. The up-most important key tip I can give you all: MAKE THE DECISION FOR YOURSELF.  Yes, your high school friends might attend another university or your parents are convincing you to go to another school. However, in all honestly who is the one attending? who is the one who have to adapt and learn for the next 3 – 4 years. It’s YOU

I have created a cheeky and fun ‘QUIZ’ for you all to download – to help you decide. I created this quiz based on general criteria that I believe to be important in deciding your university. The download link is on the next page.


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