Be an artist & a scientist ?

Do you ever wonder who draws the pictures in your science textbooks? or where you get those high definition diagrams to help you learn about science? Well, that is the job of a medical illustrator. Maybe you thought that any artists can draw pictures for your textbooks. That is false, a Medical Illustrator does the job! They are the ones that combines their artistic abilities and their knowledge of science to create anatomical pictures or intracellular pathway diagrams to help high school students all the way up to PhD students!

I am not an expert about this career but found it interesting – so a better way to learn about this career is to actually read about ACTUAL PROFESSIONALS WORKING IN THIS CAREER. So if you are passionate about art but also have a keen interest in science, please check out this website here to be directed to a Q&A that was already published by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Here is another blog website (the image posted in this blog) that features Scott Leighton’s that shares another perspective of his career as a certified medical illustrator – click here to be redirected to the blog.

Check out the Association of Medical Illustrators – here




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