So you want to be a club executive Part 2

Happy New year Everyone!

As promised, I will follow up on the benefits of having extra curricular (EC) during our short university careers. Please keep in mind this article is based on my personal and my friends’ experience, so they may be different than stories you’ve heard. Regardless, it’s always a good read to take a good look at what good stuff EC will bring to you!


  1. It widens the types of people you work with.

During university, you will meet numerous people. However, most of them would have similar background, especially educationally wise, as you. Thus you have very little chance for you to tightly work with people outside of your department or faculty. They may act very different than people around you. For example, working with engineering students in my club feels very different than the science students I worked in the past. This not only widens my scope of experiences, but it also gives me an idea of how to professionally interact with variety types of people in the future.

  1. It better prepares you for the workplace.

Be involved in community or in just your school would definitely make you better prepared for the real world in the your near future. WHY? Because you will become more mature through the process of working with others for a common goal. Adding to the previous benefit of having more experience in people interaction, you will start build your work ethics. By participating in meetings and holding events, you become more familiar in public speaking, building professional relationships and solving urgent situations, which will all occur in your future career jobs. Thus with your experiences from EC, you will perform much better in the future than without.

  1. Increases your job/grad school success rate in the future

Not only EC prepares you skills-wise, it also increases your job/grad school success rate after graduation. These experiences show you are a well-rounded student, as you can balance school and community involvement. Employers and grad schools don’t want a book smart person, they are looking for a person who can apply their knowledge and have good time management quality, as employees have much more to worry about than work. In addition, when you have EC that requires or develop essential skills the job requires, you outshine the other fresh graduates for the precious job. All in all, there are many reasons EC during your undergrad career will help to fight for your dream job.

  1. Increases success for scholarships and awards

Though their reasons are the same, job success rate is long term whereas receiving scholarships gives you immediate benefit. Rather than working 100 hours to receive that 1000 dollars, working on a scholarship application for a few days would provide you with the same benefit. When I was applying to my faculty-wide scholarship (that competes with couple thousands people), I spent a whole day writing and editing it. At the end, because of my various types of EC, I was able to outcompete other applicants and received the $800 scholarship.

Now that I have listed some of the important benefits EC provides, I hope it sparks your interest to get involved, even if it’s just one day event. It would really get you start thinking about the future.

At the end, I wish you guys a great new year and a bright beginning! Ask any questions and I will try my best to answer them all! Good Luck!


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