UPDATE: Living with Keratosis pilaris

UPDATE: I’ve recently went to a osteopathic doctor. I was going in to treat a torn ligament from a car accident two months ago, she saw my skin condition and straight up told me that I had to do acupuncture to improve this condition. I asked why – and her reply intrigued me. Keep in mind – it was hard to understand her; I had a bit of a language barrier problem. Basically, she said that my digestive system is weak (metabolism is affected) so it causes the liver and kidney to be over-worked to detoxify the body which ends up leading the liver and kidney to be weak. She also said that my lungs were weak – not being able to uptake enough oxygen and so it has affected my skin. I forgot which one she said about my hormones – either the stomach or lungs also caused hormone imbalance leading to poor skin.

I’ll keep updating my condition – but to view the original article click here.


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