how to be taken seriously as a young professional?

I don’t know about how many have experienced this, but I feel we–as young professionals–sometimes are treated not seriously in the professional field. From talking to many of my friends who just started working in their first professional job, they sometimes feel like they are just passive workers as their opinions are usually not considered.

After doing some research and combine with my past work experiences, here are some tips and advises that would help to raise your professionalism/value in your working team.

Show your commitment

Most of the negative impression comes from your job commitment. Many employers use work commitment and accomplishment to value their employee because that shows how much they value their company. By showing you are engaged and love your job, your boss would treat you more professionally as they see your value in the team.

Dress professionally, learn from your boss

This may be obvious for many people but they still sometimes make mistake in choosing the right clothing style for work. While website is a great tool to search for the matching style to the type of the workplace, the way your employer dressed during your interview is always a key indicator of the styles at work. You can always use them as examples and adjust to your taste. For example, if your employer wore business casual (such as a business shirt with black pants), it may be a good hint that full on suits maybe too formal for the work setting. Thus, make a note of what your employer wore to the interview is a good habit to keep for work settings.

Now that you’ve gained some insights on gaining your value in the work environment, I hope this would help you in the future and comment below if you have any questions!


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