The Things I Learned in University

I’m in my last year of my undergraduate studies, and the feeling is bittersweet. I’ve grown quite fond of the university community, and my perspectives on the world have expanded slightly with new lenses and ideas. My critical thinking skills have been challenged to an extent, and I’ve figured out some new parts about myself. I’m slightly excited to graduate, because (in theory) the roads are unpaved, uncertain, unknown, yet (hopefully) endless in possibility. But that’s not necessarily a good thing either.

The job market is not particularly kind to graduates, as there are unhealthily amounts of new grads searching for work in their respective fields of study. It has become common practice for students to obtain additional qualifications, diplomas, and degrees under their belt. Even so, some suggest that new, young grads ‘beef up’ their resumes by working for free. Is it bad to say I’m on the fence of this issue? But whatever, this topic is meant for another day.

Whether these opinions are a product of an impudent, naive, mind, or of attending a post-secondary institution (or even both!), these are the things I’ve learned while at my time in a degree factory…er, I mean, university.

I only hope that these lessons can benefit other individuals and/or young minds deciding to pursue further education.

1. No, you don’t know everything. You really don’t. 

Just because you take a Spanish class, that does not automatically mean you are fluent in the language. Just because took a class in climate change, that does not mean you are an expert in climate science. You are not equal in experience to a professor (who runs his/her own lab) just because you’ve done a thesis and/or have taken several lab-based courses. You cannot rightly nor clearly predict the future of humanity if you’ve majored in the social sciences.

And it’s okay to not have the answers for everything.

It’s especially okay to admit when you’re wrong, just as it’s also acceptable to correct others, as others may do to you. Moreover, it’s okay to seek help when you don’t understand something, whether it is academically-related or not.

We will never know everything there is to know about anything, and that’s perfectly okay.


One thought on “The Things I Learned in University

  1. smahemtecks says:

    I could not agree more with your experiences. Sometimes I wonder, why people will just take easy courses to get by university. I personally took some courses that no one was taking for the sake of interest and challenge & I did not regret that decision one bit.

    Back in the day, a university degree got you into the job you wanted. As you mentioned, this is not the case anymore but what I really learned is that your balance and experiences is what develops the tools and maturity for you to use that in the future. It is a stepping stone for your career. Some of my friends still believe that their degree can get them into a perfect career – but they forget that it takes hard work.

    One thing I want to add – during my time in university I met lots of people who only focused on grades, studying and school. They forget that a social life is needed to create a network whether for a support system or for ‘career-related- advancements. & especially in Science I saw more than I thought there would be.

    Great read!


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