So you want to be a club executive Part 1  

During our undergraduate life, many of us seek opportunities in school clubs and councils to strengthen the graduate school applications or to gain some life experiences. For me, it was because of both. Working with so many different people towards a non-grade related goal engages me as well as that personal touch to my applications!

  1. Tell me about your club experiences.

Now knowing my motives for becoming a club exe, you may wonder what did I do. Since third year, I’ve been actively involved in a school council and a school club. In the council that promotes diversity in the university by hosting events throughout the year, I was a Performance Director who oversaw ~15 performing clubs. And since this year, I became the Executive Director for the whole council and manages multiple sections, including performance, pavilions and publicity. For the school club, it was an AIDS-related club and I was the Vice President Events who was responsible for hosting fundraising event.

  1. How to become an executive?

There are many ways to get the opportunity. You may find them through connections, club fest, or online. For myself, one was from club fair and one was from my friend. During my second year, I had some idea of becoming an executive but I was not very determined, thus I did not go to the club fairs. It was only when my friend asked me if I were interested in becoming a subcommittee member of the club, I started my application. And throughout the year, I was very committed to the club, by which I was promoted to the VP Event position.

In terms of my council position, I found the opportunity in my third year when I realized the importance and the enjoyment of being in a club/council. I was very determinant to be more involved, thus I went to my university’s club fair and looked for booth that said executive positions available. Whenever I encountered such booth, I would first see if I had appropriate qualities and if I was interested working in the club. This is how I got my council position. I have always been interested in different cultures and their food, which drives me to be involved in related events since high school. Both the interest and experience made me shine in the interview, allowing me to further follow my interest.

Now I have described my experiences as a club executive, I hope this would help people who are in the search of such opportunities. I encourage everyone to be involved, even if you are not applying to any school because there are many valuable lessons to be learnt. In the next section, I’m going to list these valuable lessons as well as explaining how to balance schoolwork with extracurricular.


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