Part 2: No Lab Experience will not DOOM your career!

As promised this is the continuation part of my earlier blog – talking about the benefits of lab experience in undergraduate. Click here to check it out, if you haven’t done so.

No lab experience can actually benefit the individual’s academic growth and personal growth.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Explore different academia fields
When gaining lab experiences in terms of a thesis project or working as an undergraduate research assistant. Majority of the individual’s time is spent on a specific topic or field of research. As mentioned before, specific technical skills are learned and majority of credits could be transferred.However, in my time as an undergraduate student – I did not complete a thesis or worked as an research assistant, I was able to take multidisciplinary courses that had benefited my knowledge and personal growth as a whole.

2. Explore different volunteer or work experiences
Having more time being ‘free’ from the lab – you get a lot more free time depending on the courses you take. However, this requires a lot of self-motivation to seek out different volunteer or work experiences to make up for the ‘lack of experience’. Seeking out different opportunities allow you to seek out different fields – volunteering at the hospital, clinical research clinics, blood banks. Not only, does this help you learn skills but also expand your network.

I am keeping this fairly short, but I hope you guys get the idea.

Interacting with younger undergraduate student, majority of the questions ask, “Should I do a thesis or not? Will it help me get into medical school?”

Whichever path you take whether to do a scientific research position or not – it will benefit you some way or another. Just because you decide to not do a thesis doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get into medical school. Of course, this is dependent on the career path you are willing to take – if you are thinking about graduate school – yes maybe a thesis will help you but there are lots of graduate programs that focus on clinical research – which means sometimes volunteering as a clinics is more beneficial than a thesis position.

At the end of the day, you can look at people’s career path and draw inspiration from them – but it does not mean you have to follow the exact footsteps. Pave your own road and I guarantee that you can only go up from there.


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